Monday, August 25, 2008

Our 2nd Anniversary

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Aug 11. It has been a wonderful two years. Hardly seems possible to be 2 years. We were tired after camp so we decided to wait to do anything for our anniv. So we waited a week and went on Dan's Birthday which was the 19th. We got a cabin room in Holmes County OH. Here are some pics.

Our room in the Cabin. It was separated into three so three different people could rent it.

Dan sitting outside our room

The whole cabin

Happy 25th Birthday Dan. We took a bike ride.

The bike trail. it is old railroad tracks paved. We went about 10 miles.

Home now for a while

Some updates of the past month and a half.

First of all my aunt JoAnn came from New Mexico for afew days so we met with the family for a picnic. We had fun and here are some pics.
Playing Horseshoes

Grandma enjoying Watermelon

Aunt JoAnn and I

Also in our summer we went to Remus MI for the Great Lakes camp. That is the camp that Dan was raised at and has never missed a year. We love to go at least for a few days.
I helped out in Childrens service and this the group we worked with.

We learned about pioneering on LIfe's Trails. Sis. Wingham was the pioneer woman.

Playing Volleyball is a favorite for the young people and adults

Also this summer our friends Brad and Katie had their baby. Here is a picture of Lilyan Grace. She is so cute. Congrats to the new Daddy and Mommy.