Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family time

Last weekend the kids and I went to my parents. My sister and nephew were in from Montana. My brother came from Salem and my other brother and sis in law and kids came too for awhile. We had an enjoyable time. Many laughs and memories that won't soon be forgotten. We were missing Dan who was at a board meeting and Susan who had had surgery and Aaron who had to continue work in MT. Wish we could have all been there but we were able to get pics of mom and dad and the 4 kids and pics with all the grandkids. Kaden and Clarisa are only 16 days apart so it was like having twins all weekend. They wanted to play with the same things whether it was the baby stroller or a truck. It was so nice having all the cousins together though and many memories were made. On a sad note my Pappy is not doing good. The cancer is very aggressive and Dr doesn't have anything more to help him. It was good to them again as well though.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Child-like faith

Tonight after Jaren had gone to bed he got up and told me his head was hurting him. I asked him if he wanted some medicine and he said yes. So I went to get the motrin and when I gave it to him he asked "Is daddy going to pray?" So I went and told Dan that Jaren wanted him to come pray with him. Dan came in and prayed and when he was done Jaren said "Daddy my head OK now. It doesn't hurt anymore". Dan told him he needs to get up in church on Sunday and thank Jesus for helping his head. Oh the faith of a child and yet we find it so hard to ask God for His help in the simplest of things. We serve a wonderful God who is interested in helping even the children.

In addition to this story my grandpa has been in the hospital for several days due to problems with his cancer. And Sunday night in devotions Jaren wanted to pray for Grandpappy so Dan helped him pray. After they were done Jaren asked "Is grandpappy OK noe that we prayed?" Talk about a hit to your already raw emotions and yet a conviction as well. Where is our faith for grandpappy's cancer. We told Jaren that we have to continue to pray for him and let Jesus decide what's best for him.

** my grandpa is doing better and is now out of the hospital. He is very weak and tired and says he wants to go nowhere for 6 weeks but the Dr appts are still there. Thank you for continued prayers * *