Friday, March 29, 2013

update on Dan

Hi just an update on Dan. He has been preaching morning and even and it has been quite hot. the services have been incredible he says and many are finding Gods help. the other night they had at least 70 people at the alter as well has a wonderful service last night. the morning services have been good as well. God has really helped dan in many ways, He has gotten 6 hrs of sleep in the last 55 hrs. He said God has given him a super natural touch in that reguard. He is needing prayer as the youth camp closes this weekend and they are expecting even larger crowds on Easter Sunday. 
I am sure he will send a detailed report when he gets home and rested up.

In addition Clarisas cold seems to be doing better but now Jaren has a temp of 102.4 Prayers appreciated in that reguard for us.

morning prayermeeting

dan preaching with hansel young interpreting- here they are doing an
 illustration pushing Kester Young back and forth

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dan is in Haiti

Yesterday Dan left the US and flew to Haiti to preach the Youth Camp for the Thomonde Allegheny Mission. Last night was their first service and they had good attendance. It is very hot and humid over there and they are in their rainy season. Pray for strength as it will be a busy week and when you go from 20s temps to 90s temps with humidity it is a shock to your body for sure.
here is a picture of Dan preaching last night.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Pappy was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago he is undergoing chemotherapy. please pray for him and Grandma and the rest of the family.

Some pics with pappy and the kids.

This was Clarisas dedication in June 2012. So glad Pappy and Grandma could be there.

The Kids and I went to my grandparents a few weeks ago to see them.

Priceless photo as Pappy put Clarisa to sleep and she slept there for over an hour

Grand pappy and Great Grandma with he kids

Great Aunt Bonnie with the kids

krazy kids

Yesterday when clarisa woke up from her nap Jaren went in to see her. Well the next thing I hear is laughing and giggling so I took the camera in and found Jaren in her crib with her.

vacation 2013

Dans sister Sharon and her family couldn't be in Michign for Christmas and we were going to Tennessee for vacation in January so we made arrangements to meet there. Saint-hilaire got to see snow for the 1st time as he is from Haiti.We had a great time.

Tasiana & Clarisa are 3 months apart

Amanda and Jaren

Smoky mountains

Saint-hilaire seeing snow for the 1st time

Amanda & Clarisa

Sharon, Sainthilaire, Amanda & Tasiana

Jaren loved Uncle Sainthilaire


Daddy and Jaren

Love, Love Love this pic of Jaren

our kiddos

Clarisa chilling at the aquarium

mommy and Jaren in the tunnel at the penguins

past pics

I am finally getting christmas pictures and vacation pictures up so the next few posts will be pics of those
Opening gifts with Tim, Sarah, Noah & Issac and Dad Hellmann

cousins 1 month apart in age Jaren & Noah

The cousins without Tasiana they couldnt be there
Jaren, Clarisa, Noah & Issac

We also got the see Dans Cousin- Karen and her family