Friday, January 27, 2012

Praise and Prayer

One year ago yesterday we had been in the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital with Jaren for several days. But we got the wonderful news that Jaren's blood counts had come up a long ways! All the praise goes to God for his healing.
So yesterday we decided to make it a celebration day. We left for town and was going to do some special things. Jaren had been fussy but we didn't think much of it till we realized he couldn't stand up straight and kept crying and pointing to his diaper. Thinking he needed changed I checked and found that it was afternoon and he still hadn't urinated. His stomach was hard and I knew we had a major problem. So off to the hospital we went and we found out that he had a blockage. They did a bladder scan and he had 405ML of urine which at his age he should go at 100ML. So he was MISERABLE! The ER was able to give him relief but is referring us to PIT Children's Urologist. Jaren's appt is Monday at 11am. In the mean time we have to make sure everything doesn't close off again or we have to take him in again. If this is still an issue on Monday the have said he may have to have surgery to fix the problem. I don't think they would do it on Monday but it would then be scheduled.
So once again your prayers would be appreciated on Jaren's behalf and his mommy and daddy's too.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.