Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dominican Update


Hi from the land of humid days and sticky nights!!! :) We will be flying home on Thursday but wanted to give a quick overview of our trip. We arrived here about 11:45pm and had to wait for 15min on the jetway waiting for our stroller which after that time we found out that they had taken it to customs and we would find it at Baggage claim. So we had to go thru all the hassle of Travel visas, Immmigration, and other things carrying Jaren. We then met up with the Middletons in this great mass of people. Then we were on our way home.

The next day (Tuesday) we went to do some sightseeing and try to get adjusted to a foreign country.

Wednesday we went shopping at a store that is kind of like Walmart as in it has anything and everything. We had house service that night in the home of some people that come to the church here at Middletons.

Thursday we went to Hato Viejo where Dan Spoke thru Bro. Middleton. It went very smooth considering that it was his first time to speak thru interpreter.

Friday Night started the Youth Convention at the KM 32 church. the very small church was packed out and you would think you couldn't fit anymore in. There was about 70 there. Also Friday we were privileged to get to meet Bro. Winfield Poe who was in Haiti and coming over to fly out of Santo Domingo. We had a nice visit with him.

Saturday night it was rainy so there was not as many but still there was in the 50s It Think.

Sunday morning Dan spoke for Bro Middleton here in the city church which is here in their house.
Sunday night we were back at KM 32 again to finish the Youth conv. As I said before I didnt think you could fit many more than 70 well there was close to 100 if not over. It is very hard to count that many faces when kids are sitting on top of other kids just to all squeeze on the bench. God's Presence was so real in all the services. The people were very attentive. God gave Dan the messages that fit for the people so well and was right where they needed it. It is amazing when you have never seen these people and in a different country yet God can speak just the same as anywhere else. Dan stressed over and over that in heaven there would not be a language barrier for us and we would be able to communicate freely. They really liked that Idea.

yesterday (monday) we went to the market to get some items to bring home. We also went to pass out clothes to the children in a poor village. Our church people had brought in used clothing for us to bring down.

Today we are getting the house ready for a lot of company. Bro and Sis Tim Young, their boys and Carla are bringing Bro and Sis Cope, Chad and Alexia Hunting and Stephanie here to spend the night before they fly home from Santo Domingo tomorrow. Youngs are buying food here since they cannot buy food in Port au Prince. So Middletons will have a house full of 15 people. We will enjoy visiting with all of them.

Well there is many more stories but this is just an overview of our trip.

Take care and God Bless

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dominican Republic

In less than a week we will be flying to the Dominican Republic for 10 days. It will definiately be a new experience. We will be with David and Marliyn Middleton while there and working in their churches. Dan will be speaking Wed. night Bible study, Thursday night service and then preaching a Youth Convention Fri- Sun. the following Monday we then have a couple days to relax and spend some time doing other things and helping the Middletons with any projects that are needed.
I just hope Jaren does well on the trip. We are really looking forward to be there. I sure have lots to do in the mean time. Pray for us as we go and work with these precious People. Our Trip is January 11-21.
Take care and Have a Happy New Year!