Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

dan's trip to Haiti

March 16th – 22nd Dan went to Haiti for his sister’s wedding and while there stayed at the Alleghany Thomonde Mission. Sharon, Dan’s Sister has been working in a Children’s home there in Haiti and Dan spent a couple days there. The children loved the attention he gave them and they kept calling him “papa, Papa” which is Creole for Daddy.

On Saturday March 19th was the wedding and Dan had the privilege of giving Sharon away as their Dad was unable to make it. It was a very interesting day as there were many different things about the wedding with it being a Haitian wedding. I am hoping to post a slide show of his trip shortly but having the time to do that is the problem.

On Sunday Morning Dan went with Hansel Young to a mountain church for their service. They wanted Dan to give his testimony in that service and he said the views were beautiful. They go to these churches by means of a 4- wheeler and on the way back he got to drive.

That evening he was asked to preach there at the Thomonde church and God helped him preach through Hansel interpreting. That was a neat experience for both of them because they are good friends.

Monday was supposed to be a relaxing day but when they got up there was a lot of yelling in the street. Come to find out the local election in the town of Thomonde had upset several people and they were many on both sides upset. Soon some started shooting and the Missionaries several times got on the floor of the house because they didn’t know where the shots were going to. Eventually the U.N. arrived on the scene and things were calmed down. Later they found bullet parts and a few dents in the home of the two Heidi’s that are living down there. It ended up being a very nerve racking day to say the least. Later in the afternoon Dan got bite by one of the Mission dogs so they had to clean that out really well. Needless to say they didn’t get much sleep Monday night for fear of another shoot out because that evening the culprits were released from jail. Fortunately no one was killed that they know of.

Tuesday morning Dan was able to make it to the Airport in Port and fly back home to the USA. So we have spent the last couple weeks getting back to normal around here and being nurse to Dan’s dog bite. We are very thankful to have him State side again.