Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clarisa in the Hospital

We are in Montana for my friend Heidi Smiths wedding. She got married last Friday. Also my sister had her baby May 2nd. So Kaden and Clarisa are 2 weeks apart in age. The day we got here Clarisa started getting stuffy and having trouble breathing through her nose. That was on Thursday and by Friday night she was really bad so being that we are far from her Dr. we only could take her to the ER. We got her there and her O2 levels were down. The hospital we took her to had no room in their Peds unit or ICU. They transferred us to the other hospital where she was put into Pediatrics ICU. By Saturday she was doing better when being suctioned with saline stuff along with it. We got out on Sunday. They really don't know what she had. It could be a change in enviroment and climate that brought it on. There are a lot of pollens out right now. Just glad it wasn't RSV like they thought it was at first. Here are some pics of that time.

Grandma holding Clarisa

My Poor little baby 1 month old and in the hospital

this was sat. night when she was doing better.


You can't see them very well but she was hooked up to several monitors

her IV and Montiors 

Going back to uncle Glenn and Aunt Nette's

Jaren wasn't thrilled to not having Mommy and Sister with him and Daddy.