Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Misc. pics

Just a few pics of the last couple weeks. I had a birthday last week and Dan got a cake for me. We also set up our camera stand and took some pics outside. Jaren is getting bigger by the day. He has been sick with Croup this last week. He goes to the Dr. on Thursday for his 6 month checkup although he will be 6 1/2 months old when he goes.

"I'm Readin Momma. don't bother me"

Sitting up playing with his toys

His Sunday outfit this past week

My Birthday Cake

Our Family Picture.

Trip to Michigan

A couple of weeks ago we went to MI for a Rally/Marriage Retreat. Bro and Sis Rodger Stearns was the speakers for the retreat and Dan and Bro Stearns traded services at the 2 Wesleyan Holiness Churches in MI. The services were wonderful and the Retreat was Great. THe retreat was at a place called The Shack, but was anything but a shack. It was back in the woods and most if not all the buildings were log. Very beautiful place. It was also right beside a lake.
It was good to be with the people at Shepherd and St. Louis Churches. We are praying for the St. Louis Church as it is coming up on a year since they have been without a pastor. Please help us pray for them they are such dear sweet people who need a pastor. I wanted to get pictures of both churches but my batteries had died and didn't have my charger and it was Sunday.:)
It was also good to see Dan's Dad for a few hours, Dan's Mom and Grandma too on Saturday and Sunday. We got some good pictures of Great Grandma Durfee and Jaren.
Well I will post a few pictures of our trip.

Dan "preaching" at the outdoor church right beside the lake.

The beautiful outdoor church

Dan posing for a picture

The sitting Room

Part of the Dining area

Jaren sitting beside the Electric Woodstove in the Sitting Room

Part of the outside of the main building

A lighthouse there at the Retreat

Me sitting by the lake

The Marriage Retreat Sessions

Mom Hellmann and Jaren

Great Grandma Durfee and Jaren

Grandpa Hellmann and Jaren

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farmers Market

Today Jaren and I went to the Farmers Market in Beaver, PA. We got a large Pumpkin which I will can next week. I have never done a pumpkin and they say it is a lot of work. We will see how it goes. Also we got some beets which I already canned and a Butternut Squash and some Pears.
I am hoping to get some pics of Jaren with the Pumpkin and the little Pumpkin that someone gave Jaren while we were there. He is naping right now so hope he will be in a good mood later to get them done.
My parents got a snow storm yesterday and so they are kind of stuck at home till they clear the roads. We will be making a trip out there in November for Thanksgiving. I have not seen Ken, Aaron and Melissa since July of last year. So it will be wonderful to be together again. We are flying into MT and out of Denver, CO.
Well hope you have great services tomorrow at your churches.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Video of Jaren "reading" a book

Pics of Jaren

Jaren grabbed this calculator off the stand beside him. He is getting so fast

My baby is growing up.

Our smiling baby

His sunday outfit- Oct 4th 5 1/2 months

Trying on a winter hat. :)