Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OB Appt.

I had a dr. visit today and they did an ultrasound. I will put some of the ultrasound pics on that they gave us. Everything is going well as far as they can tell. I am 32weeks 1day but baby girl measured 4 days ahead of that. They are not changing my due date but by technicality she is measuring at 32wks 5days.
We are getting excited for her to come. Today we got to see her yawn and wave with her hand. Jaren got to be in there and we said look Jaren she is waving at you. He doesn't quite get the concept yet but it was neat having him see her in action rather than just telling him there's a baby in there.
They are doing my c-section 1 week early so she will be arriving no later than April 18th. They offered us the 17th but with that being Jaren's Birthday we kinda want them to have separate days. She could also choose her own date before that too which would be fine.

The 1st three are all profile views.

This last one is a straight on view. You can see her eyes, nose, mouth and chin. The eyes are 2 dark circles then nose is lighter colored and mouth is dark wide mark. Her face is sideways and not up and down. Hope you can find all the features. :)