Sunday, April 21, 2013


Jaren and Clarisa both had birthdays this week. Clarisa turned 1 on the 16th and jaren turned 4 on the 17th. So we here are some pics from their bday.
Both their bday was during IHC so there is a few of those as well. In one pix Clarisa fell asleep in pappys arms. So glad my parents were able to be there. And my grandma Riggs as well.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tom Bennett- friend to all makes the crossing

Yesterday a dear friend and brother in Christ made the crossing on to that beautiful shore called Heaven. Tom Bennett father of 6 and wife of Bethann lost his battle to cancer. Please pray for the family during this time of grief. Last week he told his wife he had a vision of Jesus standing on a mountain in Montana with His arms outstretched and telling him He was coming for him soon. One of the times he was with his son and he asked his son if he could see Jesus standing there and his son could not but Tom did. What reassurance we have of the union in Heaven. Just think of stepping on shore and finding it Heaven of holding a hand and finding it Gods. Our loss but Heavens gain