Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby update

Well I had another ultrasound yesterday and he is still breech. They have scheduled my c-section for April 17th unless he decides to come earlier. they will also continue to do an ultrasound every week to make sure all is okay and to see if he has turned around. If he turns then the c-section would be canceled. He also didn't want his picture taken again so hopefully he will cooperate next week. We will not have a blad headed baby. It was neat to seethe hair on his head floating in the fluid.
Well not much else going on.
take care

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby photo and Dr appt update

This is a picture of just his face and arm

Picture of his face and arm

Here is another picture of our baby boy. I had an ultrasound today since my Blood Pressure has been up for a month now. I also had to go to the hospital for another non stress test. From now until the baby comes I will have an ultrasound every week and 2 non Stress tests a week. These will all be at the Dr. office instead of the hospital. They want to make sure that with my BP staying up that the placenta is not deteriorating or not sending the nutrients to the baby. Sorry this picture is not very clear. He decided that he wanted to sleep with his arm over his head so this was the best shot she could get of him. It still is pretty good cause you can see the nose, mouth, chin and his arm. hopefully next week we will get a better picture. The ultrasound tech guessed his weight at 5lb 15oz.
Well I don't think there is much else to update. I am still on the same form of bedrest and all that.
Take care all

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Afgan

I crocheted a baby afgan for our little one. I am very happy with the way it turned out. It was a very easy pattern. You crochet 3 strands of thread at one time to give it the look of 3 colors. It is kinda hard to see them in this picture, but they are white, blue and green. the size is 24 by 30. I wanted it more for a keepsake than anything but he will definitely use it to. Who knows it may become his favorite.

Made with Love

Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on Pregnancy

Well where do I start. The last couple of weeks have been very interesting to say the least. Everything was going great until my Blood Pressure dicided to rise. Then last Thursday it was high enought that they wanted to monitor the baby in the hopsital so I spent the night there. After that they put me on moderate bedrest which means I am only allowed to cook easy light meals and no housework. Supposed to rest as much as possible.
Then this weeks appt. it was still up so they monitored the baby again for about an hour and let me go. They also want to do an ultrasound next Wed morning just to make sure all is okay with the baby. Everything was great on the monitor at the hospital but they want to do this also. Another reason is that I have been very sick the last few days and have lost some weight which is not supposed to happen at this stage in the pregnancy. They want to check that out also. I am almost 35 weeks and they would like me to be at least 37 before they take the baby. And then at that time they will continue to play it all by ear.
Well other than that things are going pretty good. It was so good to have my Grandma here for a while to help out and she will be coming back next week to help me with our revival.
Hope this finds everyone good and getting ready for spring. I know I am so ready for warmer weather.
Take care all,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Shower

Saturday I went to Salem where my Aunt Pam and Cousin Abby had a baby shower. It was lots of fun and baby got some real nice things. Mommy also got some stuff too. :) Thank you all that came and for the nice gifts. You all are wonderful people. Thanks Abby and A. Pam for the beautiful party. It was all very good. Here are pictures from the shower.

The Cake

Mommy to be


Sis Young and Sis Reed

Julie Young and Sis. Reed

the Gifts with Grandmas Ritchey and A. Pam in the background

Food table with Sis Durfee, Alexia Hunting, and Danae Young

The gifts on our kitchen table at home