Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Memories Poem

Christmas memories

Christmas is a joyful time
We spend with family and friends
We make up lovely rhyme
With the many cards we send

Memories near and dear
Come through the mind today
As we think of happy cheers
And games we loved to play

Monopoly, Dutch blitz and clue
Ping pong, phase ten and skip boo
That's just to name a few
And snacks we can't forget them too

Daddy faithfully his puzzles was doing
He put more pieces than anyone around
While the kids worked hard it just became confusing
Yet daddy knew all along and kept whistling his sound.

Mother in the kitchen baking up a storm
We never had to guess if it was good
As she gave us food so warm
Cleaning the plate so it could be filled again as she could

Yes Christmas memories great and small
Come to us all throughout the year
But comes greater to us special this season
Christ Jesus is the only reason
~Regina Hellmann~

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