Friday, December 20, 2013

The Christmas journey along with Pappy's cancer.

Yesterday the kids and I went to VNA hospice center to say goodbye to a wonderful Godly man whom I am blessed beyond words to call my Pappy. Although he is still with us right now it won't be long before he makes that majestic crossing in the promised land called Heaven. In my heart however I am not ready to let him go. I know I have to yet it's so hard to do that.
This morning when I went back he squeezed my hand once again when I told him who I was and that I loved him.
When I was leaving later in the day to come home I did not tell him Goodbye but rather. "Pappy I will see you in the morning over there. On that happy golden shore"
As grandma told him this morning. "Pappy don't walk too fast for we are coming not far behind."
Pappy I love you and want you to enjoy what you have strived for your whole life and that is Jesus and Heaven!
Go and be made whole again with a new Body.

Your loving Granddaughter,

Yes Christmas will be difficult this year so if you think of it Please pray for our family.

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