Sunday, January 26, 2014

jaren anniversary

3 years ago today we were given somre of the best news ever. It was the day that Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh told us Jaren was free to go home. His numbers had climbed to over triple over night. What a miracle from God. Jaren also didnt have to have the Bone Marrow test that they had planned to take him for that very morning. So thankful for God's help and for those that prayed for us. Several came to see us and although I don't have pictures of everyone we are so greatful for the support. Those that came were, The Ross Gregg Family, who also brought us a wonderful sunday lunch while there as well, Joe and Bobbi Dentler, who brought us things from my parents who were wanting to be there with us, Rev Joe Smith, Sam and Christine West, spent most of a day with us and ate lunch together, Grandma and Pappy Ritchey and Aunt Bonnie, who brought us food and lots of love. many people prayed for Jaren while there but one prayer in particular stands out. It was Pappy's prayer. Before they left that evening pappy prayed with Jaren and in his prayer he told God he would rather it be him there instead of Jaren. Now 3 years later pappy has passed away from cancer and I can't help but think of his prayer he prayed that day.
many called and texted us during that time and although we know some would have rathered be there in person instead, we really appreciate every call, text and email.

 Here are some pictures of our time there.

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