Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well today has been 1 month since Heaven gained another saint on Christmas day. So hard to believe it's already been a month since pappy died. We miss him so much yet would not wish him to be in pain again. Some days I just want to call their phone and hope he answers in his special sweet voice" how are you". Here is a poem I wrote about a week before he died. I know it's not much of anything but it's from my heart.

Pappy's Heart

Pappy's come in many shapes and sizes
They love their family in many different ways.
The kids they love to give prizes
Whereas for the adults their hug always pays

My pappy has worked these many long years
Trucking and repairing the trucks 
Yet ever willing to lend a listening ear
And many a night the kids in bed he tucks.

His hands through the years have become tough
Though never boasting of his labors
And the many hours long and rough
Yet Always willing to help the neighbors

Pappy's Come in many shapes and sizes 
But there is one who deserves the biggest part
Because he has been so kind, gentle and wise.
This man, my pappy, he has the biggest heart.
~Regina Hellmann~
December 2013

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